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  • Near the Stones river mall.
  • Across from IHOP and Starbucks.
  • Next to AT&T and Visionworks.

What Are Escape Rooms Used For?

Team Building Great activity for team building and bonding. Come with your co-workers or members of your local club.
Birthdays and Parties Something fun to do after the pool party or before bowling. Having an escape game party is something that will be remembered forever. We can also block off time slots for large groups and have an area for cake, presents, etc.
Competitive gamers and enthusiasts Playing an escape game is unlike anything else. A real life immersive game that is challenging on many levels. Once you play an escape game you'll be looking for more. See if you have what it takes for your team name to be on our leaderboard.
Family and Friends Book an escape game that everyone in the family will enjoy as well as friends. Get a group together and come enjoy sometime away from your phone/tablet screen.
Date Night First date, Double date, Proposal, or Anniversary? Make the night special with an escape game. For special arrangements email us at info@lockedfranklin.com